Free Resources for Your Kids to Help them Grow Spiritually During the Covid Crisis.  Click each title to follow the link. Free daily devos from patch the pirate Patch the pirate on youtube Calvary Kids from the konkles password (lowercase) jesuslovesme Adventures in...

Fasting and Prayer Sunday

Don’t forget that we are starting out 2020 with fasting and prayer this Lord’s Day.  Would you work to come and pray with us?  Here are the details: Purpose:  From the very first of this year, Coon Rapids Baptist Church expresses to God that we crave and depend upon...

I’m Excited About Our Church!

Often, when people find out that I am a pastor, one of their first questions is this:  “How is the church doing?”  One pastor noted that most people are looking for an answer regarding bodies (what’s your attendance running? how many have been...

Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting

Since the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of prayer (Romans 8:15,26), isn’t it proof that the Holy Spirit is no stranger in the church when prayer is important? Join us for prayer meeting tonight at 7 PM!

Valentine Campers

We had a wonderful time at our valentine banquet with the camping theme. The decorations were beautiful, the food was tasty, the message by Pastor Boyd was right on, the skit was hilarious, and the time with our valentine was refreshing.