Growth Groups

More than small groups.

Many churches have them.  God has given us a unique idea.  We think you’ll like it.  

Growth Matters

We are not content to just go through the motions of church. We are going to be strategic about our spiritual and relational growth.

Relationships Are Important

We refuse to follow the trend to be isolated. We will make it a priority to know those in our church and care for them.

Less is More.

We listen to the Sunday morning message. We study it more on our own during the following week. We center our groups around this material.

Schedule It.

Yes, you are busy. But growth matters. Growth groups put your spiritual and relational growth on your daily personal schedule and weekly church schedule.

We have added perks.

Notice the benefits of our format for growth groups.


You get the growth group experience (9:30 AM) and the Sunday morning worship service (10:30 AM) in one trip! It's convenient!

Childcare Provided

Because we have growth groups for all ages, your children and teens can grow while you do...and nursery is provided too! It's awesome!

Guide for Growth

We don't call them bulletins; they are "Growth Guides." They include a sermon note page and questions to guide your study during the week and prepare you for the group the next Sunday! It's helpful!

Is your growth important enough to put it on your schedule this week?