Kids Choir Ministers

We are thankful for the kids choir singing yesterday at the rest homes of Coon Rapids. Throughout the day they saying a total of nine songs as well as quoting several verses of Scripture. I am thrilled with the opportunity to encourage our children to serve the Lord even from an early age. It’s fun feeding them lunch and one of the rest homes even gave them cake and juice. Praise the Lord!


Study God’s Word on Current Culture


Should I be scared of global warming?  What is Islam?  Is there hope for substance abusers?  Should our nation go to war?  Does God approve of a free market economy?  What is a good strategy for personal purity?  Does God promise me health and wealth?  Does God care if I gamble?  How should I respond to immigration problems?

Questions like these need answers.  They arise as we are confronted with culture everyday in both our private and public lives.  We can’t escape culture, and we should not try to ignore it.  We are wise to consider cultural issues through the lens of the Word of God.  That is what this study will help you do.

The Bible is timeless. It addresses today’s culture as if God had recently inspired it.  Keep that truth in mind as you learn.  Seek to know God’s Word when you are confronted with Current Culture.

We invite you to join us this fall on Sunday mornings at 10:50 for this Adult Bible Study.  If you know someone who would like to be a part of this study, please forward this information to them, or share our post on the church facebook page.  We want people to know what God’s Word says about our Current Culture!

For more information on how our Bible Study time is set up, click here.

Bathroom Facelift

Praise the Lord for the progress that is being made on our bathroom updates! Thank you to all those who have worked so hard to make this possible. Here is a picture of the new auditorium men’s room.


New Sunday Evening Series


For quite some time I have been contemplating this series and putting bits and pieces of it together.  I am excited to present God’s Word to you on this very helpful topic of “The Aim of Christian Education.”  I hope that all of the parents and teachers connected to our church will make it a priority to be here for it.  Here is the excerpt from our website:

“Are you a parent?  Home school mom?  Children’s church teacher?  Christian school teacher?  Join us as we consider the true aim of Christian education.  What is our goal in Christian education?  What does God want us to accomplish?  This series will be a help to parents and teachers and will set a focus for our own Christian school.”


We enjoyed having Michael and Nora Deatrick with us yesterday. They are missionaries to the Solomon Islands. They graciously invested in our older Christian school students in chapel (see picture) as well!


CRCS Kindergarten RoundUp

Call now to reserve a seat for your child in our school that will ground them in education and their walk with God. March 27, 9 AM.


A Race to the Finish!

Today is green and gold day!  Look at these costumes!  Wonderful school spirit in all that green and gold.  Still left to go is the bubble gum bubble contest, the family potluck, and the school program.  It’s a big day!

2015-02-27_08-33-25_837[1] 2015-02-27_08-31-47_312[1]

Day 4 Under the Sea

Some really creative students (and parents!) came up with some great costumes.  Today is the big skit competition!  Enjoy the pics!


Medieval Day



CRCS Winter Festival Day 2

At the end of pajama day, Magnesium Sulfide is up by about 15,000 points.  Great day with a good french toast breakfast.