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Often, when people find out that I am a pastor, one of their first questions is this:  “How is the church doing?”  One pastor noted that most people are looking for an answer regarding bodies (what’s your attendance running? how many have been saved?), budget (how’s the giving been?), and buildings (are you doing any building projects?)  As a pastor, one isn’t always sure how to answer that question – unless you use the typical answer, “Fine.”

So, after six years of pastoring here, how is the church doing?  How are things going?

Well, let me tell you, I am excited!  I am pumped at what God has in store for our church!!  Let me give you three reasons I am excited:

First, I’m excited because God is working in me!  God has been doing business in my life, teaching me things, growing me, and challenging me.  He has been giving me victories and helping me see change in my own life!  Leaders lead best when they lead by example, so it is awesome to be seeing growth in my own life that will be a good example to our people.  I love it when God grows me!

Second, I’m excited because God is leading me!  He taught me that I don’t have to copycat everyone else’s ideas and I don’t have to try to come up with my own ideas for ministry.  Instead, He has taught me and changed my heart so that all that I crave are HIS ideas.  It really is HIS church and He really does have a plan for what HE wants to do here.  All I have to do is discover His plan and obey it!  As God, He has infinite ideas and so He can give little old me – who rarely has a creative idea – some wonderful ideas!  And God has!  He is showing me specific steps that our church needs to take, and I am taking calculated steps to implement the changes so we can go forward and be the church God wants.  There is nothing better than knowing that God wants you to lead, and then seeing Him bless His own leading!

Third, I’m excited because God is working in our people!  One of the big things that many of us needed to work on (including me) was our evangelism, and now, people are developing a burden to witness – on their own – and praying for people to be saved.  I’m not berating them into it; they want to witness.  They want to learn how to do it better.  It’s awesome!!  And, they are craving revival too.  Our core people come to pray on Wednesdays and they like to pray!  They want God to do something in our church.  And they want to go forward, and are excited about the direction God has given me to lead!  It is so exciting!

So, how’s the church doing?  These are exciting times in our church because God is working in the pastor, leading the pastor, and working in the people!  And as we keep following Him, the bodies and budget and buildings will come!