Have your meal-time prayers become too routine and meaningless?  I just finished my study for Wednesday night’s prayer meeting as we continue to learn to pray by watching the Master pray. I studied His prayers ‘for the food’ especially before He fed the five thousand (Matthew 14:19; Mark 6:41; Luke 9:16; John 6:11). I learned three things that I want to impact my prayers at the dinner table. They should do the following:
1. Express Appreciation – John records that Jesus gave thanks for the food. May I truly be grateful and thankful when I pray for the food.
2. Express Recognition – Giving of thanks is truly an act by which we recognize the grace and favor another has given to us. Maybe that’s why we call it ‘grace.’ It is returning thanks and recognizing that someone else did something for us. Matthew, Mark, and Luke showed that Jesus looked to heaven when He did this. He recognized that God provided. I need to recognize God more in the provision of my food. My family can see God at work in taking care of us and keeping His promise to meet all of our needs.
3. Express Adoration – Matthew, Mark, and Luke all say that Christ looked to heaven and blessed. He blessed God. To bless is to speak well of someone, to praise and honor someone. May I speak well of God for His incredible provision.

In this way, I will give thanks in prayer for the food and bless the food (1 Timothy 4:4-5). I hope to think a little differently when I bless my Memorial Day brat in an hour or so!