Our Mission

Learn about our goals as a church.

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We exist to exalt God through regular worship, evangelize the lost, enlist believers into this church, edify them for spiritual maturity and equip them for Christian service.

1. Exalt God – we mean it.  Christianity is about Christ.  See Him in the Word.  Praise Him with your voice.  Worship Him with your giving.  Serve Him with your life.  Proclaim Him with your witness.  When you come to Coon Rapids Baptist Church, come to meet God because it is all about Him!

2. Evangelize the Lost – they are lost.  People don’t know Christ.  They are trying so many things.  Our services preach the Gospel.  Our people preach the Gospel.  Our plan is to preach the Gospel to Coon Rapids and to send world-wide laborers to do the same.  Join us in this endeavor!

3. Enlist Believers into this Church – be a part.  God is doing something here.  Be a part of the body.  Invest your life in others.  Connect with others.  Benefit from the fellowship, accountability, and encouragement.  Join the cause.

4. Edify them for Spiritual Maturity – grow up in Him.  Study the Word.  Renew your mind.  Continue in the Faith.  Be planted by the rivers of water.  Be a full-grown tree that bears fruit.

5. Equip them for Christian Service – discover and use your gift.  Nothing is more thrilling than seeing people serve the Lord with all their hearts in the way God desires for them.  Discover your gift.  Use your gift.  Here.  For others.  For Him.

This is our mission.  This is our goal.  Be a part of it for God’s glory and your good!