March 21st Update:

Lord willing, we plan to live-stream our church service tomorrow at 10:30 AM on our church facebook page.  I think you do not have to be a member of facebook in order to watch the live stream.  Click here: .  If you do not have internet and/or are not able to watch, please let me know.

We are attempting to have growth groups via Skype tomorrow at 9:30 AM as well.  If you would like more information on it, please email me.



March 20th Update:

Dear Church Family,

Given the current climate of concern for health, I have decided that it would be best for our church to meet online this Sunday. So much has changed in the past week, and I am trying to walk the line of confidence in the Lord, and yet working with health recommendations and maintaining a good testimony of our church in the public eye.

Truthfully, I am excited about this opportunity to meet this way! I know it will take just as much discipline on everyone’s part in order to be ready for church online, but I trust it will be a blessing to you! I have prepared a message from the Lord that I hope will be especially helpful in these days. My goal is to offer that service at 10:30 (probably via Facebook live), but I am also hoping to develop a way (maybe via google hangouts) to have online growth groups before that so we can still enjoy the interaction and sense of meeting together with God’s people. I will communicate with you later on Saturday about these details.

Keep your eyes on the Lord during this time, pray that I would have wisdom as I lead, and why not reach out to someone in our church who could use a phone call or help during this time?



March 14th Update:

Dear CRBC family and friends,

Coon Rapids Baptist Church wants to be wise in heeding the warnings of our public officials and yet we want to remember that the spiritual health of Minnesotans is always important, especially in times such as these.  We acknowledge the public concern and yet realize that other sicknesses such as H1N1 and influenza were/are statistically far more prevalent than coronavirus, schools have not been closed, and public shopping has not been halted.  Minnesota health officials have recommended gatherings over 250 people be cancelled; our services fall well below that guideline.  Officials have also recommended six feet of social distancing in smaller gatherings; our auditorium has plenty of room to allow for the six feet of social distancing recommended as well.

Therefore, after hours of prayerful counsel and consideration, we have decided:

  • To continue to hold Sunday morning growth groups (9:30), morning service (10:30), and evening service this Sunday (March 15)
  • To cancel Wednesday night services (March 18)

In response to the concern over Coronavirus, we are taking the following ten steps for the times we do meet:

  • postponing our firefighter appreciation mission (due to concerns of giving homemade goods; but don’t worry – we WILL do this event soon!)
  • spreading out the rows of chairs in our auditorium and asking people to space themselves out; spreading out the seating in growth groups
  • refraining from handshaking both as a whole congregation and as the pastor to the people
  • maintaining sanitation of the nursery, high traffic and touch areas, etc.
  • putting the words of the songs on the screen instead of using hymnals
  • temporarily transitioning from passing offering plates to an offering box/plate at the back
  • encouraging those who are at risk, ill, or uncomfortable to stay home
  • halting our coffee ministry in growth groups
  • exploring the possibility of providing a live stream of our services via the church Facebook page
  • incorporating a time of concerted prayer regarding this virus and situation into our service

Ultimately, we agree with the Psalmist, “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee [God].”  Let us be believers whose confident hope in God is a comfort and shining light to a world filled with panic.  Who knows who might be saved as a result of your confident hope?

Please continue to pray for wisdom in making decisions regarding our church at this time.